Quick Tip: Login, Log-on, Sign-in, Sign-on —Which is right?

In my last post, I mentioned a few Member Login tips, and when typing the word Login, I cringe a little. This is because in all my years of web content management (aka being a Webmaster) every organization used a different term.

Here's a content management tip that I've used for years.

When you don't know something, you ask a friend, right? But what about comparing web content terms? You ask Google. It's really true you want to find-out what "the world" thinks, and since Google knows everything, they have to be the best source.


At googlefight.com, you can compare the popularity of anything by waging a battle: MAC -vs- PC, Leno -vs- Conan even web content terms like Login -vs- Logon.

When in-doubt, pick a fight!

Alan Houser