Well excuse me, Judge Reinhold. I deceived you, mom. Tricked makes it sound like we have a playful relationship. Dad asked me to do this on the day he pleads not guilty, as a spectacular protest. A…. ? No, I was ashamed to be SEEN with you. I like being with you. Shémale. Who? i just dont want him to point out my cracker ass in front of ann. Oh by the way, Doctor said no kissing her on the face for one week. I was like make it two weeks, see if I care!

One of the guys told me to take my head out of my BOTTOM and get back to work…my BOTTOM! Did you know that more frozen bananas are sold right here on this boardwalk than anywhere on the OC?

If you're suggesting I play favorites, you're wrong. I love all of my children equally. I don't care for Gob. I'm not a prostitute. Then I shall let you live! You want your belt to buckle, not your chair. Michael, you are not quite the ladies man I had pictured. Hopefully, we will remedy that when we are in the spa spreading body chocolate on each other. Yeah, well, have you seen the new Mustang? You could hump that hood. Michael was concerned that he was caught in a lie about his family. The family was concerned that they were being confronted by a woman they had clubbed, drugged, and left on a bench. What's gotten into you? Have you been eating cheese? For the same reason you should believe a hundred dollar bill is no more than a hundred pennies!

Come on, this is a Bluth family celebration. It's no place for children. Hola, is Rosa still alive? No? Well this is not my day. Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. I didn't mean who… I meant… her?

I'll buy you a hundred George Michaels that you can teach to drive! Heyyyyyy, Uncle Father Oscar. Happy Franklin Friday. No! These are just strippers! Look how hot they are! Although George Michael had only got to second base, he'd gone in head first, like Pete Rose.

WHY was this show cancelled? I mean, COME ON. Chickens don't clap! OH MY GOD, WE'RE HAVING A FIRE… sale. Oh, the burning! ♪♪ Amaaaaaaziiiing Graaaace ♪♪

No one's called him Baby Buster since high school. Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. Wine only turns to alcohol if you let it sit. She calls it a mayonegg. Sister's my new mother, Mother. And is it just me or is she looking hotter? See for more good stuff. You were just a turd out there, you know? You couldn't kick, and you couldn't run, you know? You were just a turd.

A flower in my garden, a mystery in my panties. Up yours, granny! You couldn't handle it! So did you see the new Poof? His name's Gary and we don't need anymore lawsuits. No one was making fun of Andy Griffith. I can't emphasize that enough. But where did the lighter fluid come from?

Maybe it was the other George Michael. You know, the singer-songwriter. I'm going to buy you the single healthiest call girl this town has ever seen. Buster, what are you doing with mother's rape-horn? Oh…yeah…the guy in the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on! Stop licking my hand, you horse's ass. Touché, Pandora.

Make love in your *own* hand, Mother! If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear. It's one banana Michael, what could it cost, ten dollars? So, what do you say? We got a basket full of father-son fun here. What's Kama Sutra oil? Maybe it's not for us.