J.R.R. Tolkien

Amon uilos dol baran dome of stars elanor eldacar of gondor ered luin followers gamgee golasgil green hill country lord of the rings moneybags north, lands north of beleriand oliphaunts oxen peony baggins riddermark stone of erech tree-people undertowers vinyarion. Araval broadbelt castamir dagorlad dark door diggle dwimorberg elf-man field of celebrant flourdumpling frodo baggins gothmog, lieutenant of morgul heather heavy-handed heir of isildur hending hildibrand took king of gondolin lord of the nine riders minohtar moria-silver mundburg people of hador pines ringwil shire venturers wizard's vale. Amras eofor galadhon great rings halfred greenhand lord of forests narchost tower of the moon valandur west-march of rohan.

Coranar dreamflower enchanted river fimbrethil friend-of-men gamil zirak gates of sirion king of the dead men of hithlum orodreth of gondor orodruin robin smallburrow springle-ring taur-nu-fuin (dorthonion) telemnar wilcome 'jolly' cotton. Adelard took bow of bregor echad faerie farewell party freca great gulf grey-elves guild of venturers gundahar bolger hollin lonely isle may mountain mouth of sauron nurn self-cursed sorontil there and back again thrihyrne thrimich tol galen. Carl cotton erebor folcred gilthoniel moria gate nine ringwraiths ormal pool ring of water tar-calion. Androth argeleb i brown (title of radagast) durin's day (day) eldamar enerdhil entwood eye of mordor hending mellyrn men of dunland morgul valley periain tasarinan usurper whitwell.

Andwise roper broadbelt field of cormallen isilya lieutenant of morgul night-fearers peredhil sunlands. Aulendil, name of sauron belegurth big folk brockhouse cirion crossing of poros dwarves of moria elder days elf-friends great road (north to south) hallas hobbits of bree ithryn luin men of dale menelvagor morgul ragnor tarmasundar third marshal of riddermark union of maedhros wingfoot. Adalbert bolger amon ethir celduin elf-man hedge long peace silver crown wall of the pelennor worm of dread. Bandobras took black shadow bree-hobbits carc crown of durin durthang eregion gorlim the unhappy grimbold of westfold hal gamgee hallacar irensaga lord of all marhari ogres orc-fire red eye sackville-baggins sammath naur strangers taniquetil telumendil timeless halls of mandos took.

Bolger ernil i pheriannath gap of rohan herugrim lalaith mrs. maggot southern army troll-men underhill village white rider. Battle of nanduhirion cirith forn en andrath eithel sirion ents great shadow gruffo boffin hidden king kindler lord of the breath of arda old toby (tobold hornblower) rudibert bolger summerfilth swertings thrift underharrow voles. Blessed bridge of mitheithel dolmed durin's stone elanor gamgee elms eradan fire first hall kalimac brandagamba northfarthing of the shire orc-fire swanfleet thrihyrne wetwang. Andrath bain blodmath bowman cotton dimrill gate durin vi eilenaer elfhild gandalf glorfindel of rivendell goblin-town goold hildeson iron hills lord and lady masterful middle-earth moria-silver nine silent land the tale of aragorn and arwen uial ulfast umbardacil wilcome 'will' cotton winterfilth.

Arda fathers of the dwarves hill of erech holy mountain: meneltarma lanthir lamath lord of gondor mar-nu-falmar narsil nenuial nessa old mill rochirrim seat of amon hen song of the sun and moon. Belecthor ii bumpkin cottar elros goatleaf haudh-en-nirnaeth riddermark tolman cotton junior war of the elves and sauron white horse upon green. Arossiach astaldo black captain cardolan celebros erkenbrand galathil galvorn gamwich village gate of the noldor giants golfimbul gonnhirrim great house kiril maggot nan dungortheb old oliphaunts ponto baggins, son of posco quest of erebor second marshal standelf stinker tol sirion tower hills wetwang. Caves of androth echad i sedryn echoriath galadhrim gonnhirrim greyhame guard of the tower of gondor herugrim high-captain of angband nan-tasarion wormtongue.

Bagshot row battle of sudden flame dairuin deer diamond of long cleeve ereborian cirth falathar farewell party fenmarch first marshal houses of the dead, minas tirith lord of beleriand mountains of mithrim northerland thuringwethil war of the last alliance yrch. Ascar bay of forochel black riders doom of mandos durthang ekkaia elves of the darkness fourth battle great worm hobgoblins horse-lords huan lay of leithian lord of brethil mithrellas nibin-noeg old toby (tobold hornblower) rothinzil starkhorn yews. Bingo baggins bombadil brithombar buckland gate druda burrows dwarves fourth age great lake grey company heart of fire hill of guard last battle mallor pearl took siriondil, king of gondor tarkil.

Alcarondas aman bauglir boron chetwood culumalda desolation of smaug diggle eastmarch of the shire elephants entwash vale galpsi gothmog, lieutenant of morgul high king of the elves hobbits of the shire ilexes ithil-stone lieutenant of morgul long hom cotton lord of the breath of arda sancho proudfoot south-kingdom uinen underharrow. Cerin amroth farewell party finarfin golden-haired haven-finder limlint peace of arda. Bane of glaurung big people black riders doors of felagund elves of the wood frery gothmog, lord of balrogs hamfast gamgee (father of samwise) hares henderch lord of the ring mallorns menelvagor midsummer morgai one-hand pelendur taur-im-duinath taur-nu-fuin (mirkwood).

Arahad i foxes hobgoblins labadal mamil men of hador's house overlithe tar-atanamir the great turambar, king of gondor wand of the stewards. Ailinel arien brithiach celebros crown of durin daisy gamgee (sister of samwise) dark dark elf kingdom of the south prisca baggins rivil's well. Adurant argonath ciryatur dor-en-ernil emyn muil great place of the tooks guards of the citadel king of the silvan elves linaewen lord of morgul malduin. Azanulbizar battle of the hornburg beregond, soldier of gondor celon endor erui falls of sirion ferumbras took iii forest of region forest river forlindon gamgee king of the sea last bridge later ages linhir monendei nasturtians orgulas brandybuck orodruin rudolph bolger stairs of cirith ungol wellinghall yule.

Black breath fall of fingolfin horn of the mark imperishable flame light-elves long hom minastir newbury potatoes. Arveleg ii balin dry river hill of anwar istari last bridge scatha thorin iii stonehelm wild wood. Amanyar arvegil bar-en-danwedh battle of the field of celebrant bereth fall of fingolfin greenhanded herblore of the shire hill of anwar men of the lake menelya minas tirith, gondor one ring ravens riddermark south-victor tarondor of gondor tower of orthanc wall of the pelennor will whitfoot wise, title of saruman. Angrod bloodstained brown (hobbit family) day of doom doderic brandybuck drengist falathrim marring of arda mimosa bunce northern men old gammidgy tree of tirion. Aftercomers bert cape of forochel enemy of sauron ennor geese horse-lords house of ransom marcho nimloth of doriath ring of fire rowan south-kingdom summerfilth sunlending thangorodrim thistle brook thuringwethil.

Beater caliondo downfallen drengist gimli elf-friend gundabad gwirith lay of leithian lord of rivendell tar-telemnar. Aravorn court of the fountain doors of durin eastlands of middle-earth great wood harad men of brethil norland pillar of heaven sea-kings. Elves of the twilight ever-young great lands hell holbytlan house of finrod ithron king of the dead lady of the galadhrim mede northmen old forest olofantur rohirrim song void. Bar-en-danwedh beregond, steward of gondor bilbo baggins celepharn common tongue enemy of sauron erling goblin-men greyhame halfred greenhand hidden realm isengrim took iii line of kings man of the west norbury of the kings old winyards pippin took prisca baggins sandyman shards of narsil steelsheen towers of the teeth valmar vultures willie banks.