Let us backup your Squarespace site for you!

Earlier on the Video/Tips blog, we shared an easy way to backup Squarespace site content using Evernote and the "Evernote Clipper" Chrome pluginsquareflair.com/videos/supporting-the-unsupported-backing-up-your-squarespace-site

While that works well page-by-page, we've decided to do this for you in a much better way!

What do you get?

In exchange for only $5, you'll receive an email with a Zipped file containing all "public" pages, packed in a standard webroot layout. See example linked below.

Example zip file: http://share.sqr.fr/v/LcJT8BqW3fYJsMrfKTPW

We will pull-down all linked pages/posts contained in the root domain. (If you have a public link to a page/post on your site, it will be downloaded) 

Yes— all blog posts will be downloaded and placed in a folder. We'll even grab your ROBOTS.TXT, SITEMAP.XML and RSS information for all blog collections.


1. "Hidden" files will not be downloaded. If Google's search bots can't find it, then neither can we. 

2. The content we download and deliver to you cannot be converted into a Squarespace site/template or imported into an existing Squarespace site/template. It's archival content that can be manually copied/pasted anywhere.