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(UI/UX) Website Designer
More info: We are looking for a highly motivated and talented individual to work with our team to help design awesome sites for awesome clients. This is not a Developer/Coding position.
Preferred freelancer location: Anywhere
Timeline: Whenever
Budget: TBD; this is hourly contract work
How to contact us: SEE BELOW

Website Design / Development Intern
More info: We are looking for a highly motivated and talented individual to work with our team to help design awesome sites for awesome clients. 
Timeline: Whenever
How to contact us: SEE BELOW


Squareflair only builds Squarespace sites. We design from scratch without considering the limitations of existing Squarespace (‘stock’) templates. We don’t touch code until we know our clients are in love with the design. AKA CUSTOM (AKA-UK BESPOKE)



  • Collaborate with product managers, other designers, and developers on solutioning, design and product review, and workflow planning

  • Translate requirements into compelling concepts that meet (and balance between) client and user needs, but are also forward-thinking

  • Design robust wireframes, prototypes, and visual comps

  • Develop compelling visual solutions for projects

  • Take both internal and external feedback and respond with solutions


In order to be a strong Designer fit at Squareflair, you should have the following:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates exceptional conceptual thinking, problem-solving, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design skills

  • The ability to internalize complex concepts quickly and create compelling design solutions

  • Extensive experience in Adobe Creative Suite and/or Sketch (Sketch is preferred!)

  • The ability to very clearly articulate and rationalize your design thinking in small team conversation (in person or over video conferencing), large presentations, sketches, or digital tools

  • Demonstrated ability to work on several concurrent projects and juggle the demands of competing priorities, tight timelines, and shifting requirements


The personal qualities that will set you up for success at Squareflair:

  1. You are a self-starter

  2. You are incredibly hard working

  3. You have a strong sense of collaboration and camaraderie, but you are not afraid to own work and make it happen

  4. You've probably never seen camaraderie written before, and actually wondered if camaraderie was even spelled correctly

  5. You cannot pronounce camaraderie verbally now after seeing it written

  6. You have keen attention to granular detail (the data and text in our work have to be perfect)

  7. You thrive in a constantly changing environment – you see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and not as an inconvenience

  8. You are self-aware about your key strengths and where you want to continue to develop

  9. You have exceptional speaking, writing, and visual communication skills

  10. You know when to make judgement calls, but you also know when to consult colleagues and managers

  11. You have a good sense of humor


If you want a job, include the following in your post:

Skills & Expertise:
Projects I'm looking for:

OOZE WITH PASSION and Send this to: 
hello@squareflair.com subject: Staffing Up