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We specialize in developing complete, 100% custom Squarespace websites. 


We believe there are endless opportunities to create unique experiences, build brands, and design products that build meaningful relationships between companies and their customers. 

We just happen to be really, really, really, really partial to Squarespace. Really.


Featured Design & Development Projects


We treat each project and brand like it was our own.
Every detail is carefully crafted— finding that sweet spot between creative and conversion.


How we do what we do:


All great ideas need to be nurtured.
Early collaboration, feature planning, and research help transform napkin sketches into powerful ideas.

Every interface needs a solid foundation.
Well-executed UX exposes and helps us diagnose design challenges before they become problems.

Great user interface goes deeper than pretty pixels.
We create interfaces that are delightful and intuitive.

We love bringing our concepts to life, whether it's on the web, desktop, mobile, or all three, using a variety of languages and platforms.


Don’t be shy, tell us a little about yourself to get this ball rolling.

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Don't even consider using Alan and Squareflair for a rush, get it done quick, run of the mill website. Only choose Squareflair if you would like an exquisitely designed, unique and highly responsive site.

In other words: He's your man for the website design and functionality you have always dreamed about. Hire him.


Karyn Wagner, Marketing and Practice Management Expert — Success Bootcamp RX

Success Bootcamp RX

* a 5-Tacos ranking is an internal rewrite— indicative of the highest attainable level of customer appreciation here at Squareflair. A.K.A. “NOOICE!”.