A double-secret first-look at Squarespace 6 E-commerce (Video)

You read correctly—Squarespace is shaking the e-commerce tree, and it's freaking fantastic. 

What gives me the chills, is the ability to drag products around the page using V6's "Layout Engine" functionality, the same way you can with images, videos, maps, code blocks, quote blocks, etc.

This drastically changes things for the retailer who wants to bring a custom flair to their online store. 

Squarespace E-commerce integrates with Stripe, and is only available in the USA right now (assuming it's because of Stripe's US-only reach currently).

Give Squarespace a try— just get in there and play a little to see what you can do! Squarespace.com(and when you find there's stuff you can't do, give Squareflair a shout)



on 2013-02-15 19:36 by Alan Houser

Behold! The official Announcement:


Alan Houser