Adding QR Codes to your Squarespace Site

Have you ever wondered why someone would ever want to scan a QR Code on a website?

I have to admit, I've always considered it a little silly to add a QR code to a webpage, and even have gotten into a friendly Twitter debate with friends on the topic. Adding QR codes to "objects" like posters, cereal boxes and even lawn mower boxes make total sense to me. 

My earlier opinion about QR Codes on web pages was— the user is already RIGHT THERE on their computer, so why would they ever want to take-out their smart-phone and scan their computer screen? 

That is, until a recent client gave me reason to re-consider my stance. A client wanted to add a QR code to their "map" page, partly as a novelty, but mostly so customers viewing the website's locations page would have a way to "send the map to their phone".  I caved; It's really not a bad idea. If the site visitor doesn't know what a QR Code is, they can ignore it— similarly, the way we all ignore barcodes on any product we consume. (Well, exactly like a product barcode in-fact). 

Earlier on my blog, I shared how to use to create QR Codes. But I thought you would benefit from this brief tutorial to show you how I would add a QR Code to a Squarespace site.

The Great Redesign of 2012 :) went through a recent re-design. To access the "info page" that contains the QR Code, just add a "+" immediately after the URL to access that page. Example:

Alan Houser