Punch Burger Launch

Indianapolis' latest and greatest burger destination. Nom nom nom.

We're thrilled to have partnered with the delicious folks at Punch Burger, Indianapolis' latest burger joint. 

It's not often that I get goosebumps when writing about a website, but these burgers are so incredibly great, that I get the vapors just thinking about them. 

When I got the call from Travis Sealls, Managing Partner of Punch Burger, I knew this site had to be fantastic. More than my love for all things web, food is very important to me.

Soapbox Ahead

My wife and I really are the carryout King & Queen, ordering lots of food from the road. One of the biggest pet-peeves of ours is accessing a restaurant website that just doesn't work on mobile. As the reigning King of Carryout, here are the main points I find to be important when building a restaurant website:

  • The restaurant website should be non-flash. No Flash anywhere— ever. period.
  • The menu should be quickly available and readable
  • The location should be provided to those visitng the restaurant
  • The phone number should be immediately visible
  • Pictures of the food! —Make me want to taste and covet that food

Squarespace's latest version (V6) was a natural solution for the Punch Burger site. Not only were we able to develop a mobile site for the client, but adding and editing images is a total snap for them going-forward.

Visit Punch Burger. I mean it! Drive there now. (I'll join you.)

Alan Houser