Converting Word docs to PDF files in Google Drive

This is great news for any medical practice!

Without access to a Adobe Acrobat Pro, it's been difficult in the past to create PDF files. But today, you can use several (free!) third-party apps that integrate with Google Docs to convert your files to PDF (or virtually any other format). You can also combine multiple files into one PDF, which makes things easier to manage on a website.

What about HIPAA?

It's true that you can actually set up your practice on the "Professional" version of Google Apps/Docs to keep all of your docs accounts fully-HIPAA-compliant. 

However, in this example, you can use any Google Docs account to create your file(s), because you're going to export the final file(s) from Google Docs, to later upload/add to your own site. There's not a real concern for HIPAA regulations— assuming you've made it clear to the patient that, instead of emailing or faxing, you want this type of documentation mailed or brought-in on their next visit.

Example practice statement for "New Patient Packet" downloads

Example practice statement for "New Patient Packet" downloads


To support the needs of our customers in various healthcare industries, Creative Component, LLC ("Squareflair") suggests that HIPAA compliant security measures are in place and followed. 

This video serves only as an example of the possible workflow.