The Squarespace Chart Block: from Frustrated to Hero in a Few Clicks

I started to write a post about the limited Squarespace Chart Block— to really tear it apart. However, after playing for a bit, I'm actually thrilled with the usefulness!

The key is to import your CSV data (a built-in feature). Don't type values into the built-in user interface; there's just not enough space in the user interface to make it seem rewarding. It's also hard to imagine how the data will plot, so trust me— get it into CSV format first, then import it. (CSV Example)

If there's enough plotted data, it really gives new visual meaning to any story.

Seeing the Major League data example below was the A-HA moment. To view "payroll" vs "wins" on a line graph screams USEFUL. Hooray for data!


Major League Baseball 2012 Season

Mapping: Team, Payroll($millions) and Wins (30 records)

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Counts for 2005-2015

Each record includes 13 values: month, historical average, counts for 2005 through 2015. Eight records are stored, for months "May" through "Dec".

Rotten Tomato ratings of Robert De Niro movies ('68-'88)

There are 23 records. Each record has Year and Rating

Biometric statistics for a group of office workers

There are 18 records, recording: Name, Age, Height and Weight

Monthly transatlantic airtravel, in thousands of passengers, for 1958-1960

There are 4 fields, "Month", "1958", "1959" and "1960" and 12 records, "JAN" through "DEC"

View Squarespace's full documentation on the Chart Block.