Setting Up Squarespace 7 (Squarespace 6) Developer Platform with Espresso2 and LiveReload

Start styling templates locally by setting-up the Squarespace Developer platform.

In this video, I walk through setting-up the Squarespace Developer environment. This information applies to both Squarespace 6 and Squarespace 7. (Squarespace 7 is the same core CMS as Squarespace 6; the difference being that Squarespace 7 has a greatly-improved user interface. But all of the workflows are pretty-much identical between the two versions)

If you're familiar with Squarespace's architecture and HACKING the stock commercial templates with "CSS overrides", this video should help you go further in your front-end development by showing how you can do the same thing locally using MacRabbit's Espresso 2 to apply style overrides. 

What I cover here:

1. start with an existing template
2. convert the template to the Dev platform (turn-on Squarespace Developer mode) 
3. set-up SFTP on the Espresso2 app (very pleased with the app; get it here )
4. making the connection to the site, basic template configuration, etc.

This rather kludgy, unedited training video was recorded by Squareflair at the time of "development hand-off". While representative of the design and development available on the Squarespace platform, each project is unique and completely custom for each application.

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