Ten real questions to ask yourself when starting a new site


1. What am I selling? Who is my audience, and why will they want to buy my stuff?

2. Will what I’m selling generate rave reviews and turn customers into sales and marketing people? If not, how can I improve their experience?

3. What are my business goals? What does a successful business mean to me?

4. How will this make money? How will it continue to make money

5. What makes this idea unique? What problem does it solve and how does it help people? What value does this bring to others?

6. What about this makes me excited? How can I spread that excitement?

7. What professionals do I need to hire to make this happen? What will they be responsible for doing?

8. What is my budget (and if it’s not realistic, can it change)?

9. What is my timeline for launch (and if it’s not realistic, can it change)

10. What do I want my business to be known for?

Quick TipAlan Houser