Adding 'Team Squareflair' as an Admin User to Your Squarespace Site

It’s best not to share your own admin/owner password with anyone. If we’re working on your site, please add the Squareflair team as an admin user. This way, your own password won't be compromised, and we can use our own account for SFTP access.

Here are the simple steps to add us to your site:

  1. Log in to your Squarespace account.

  2. Once in your website, click Settings.

  3. Click Permissions.

  4. Click on Invite Contributor.

  5. Add name (Team Squareflair) and email address (

  6. Click the check mark next to Administrator and click Save at the bottom right.

We’ll receive your invite to connect sent via email.

Setting contributor permissions to “Administrator”

Setting contributor permissions to “Administrator”