One Step Closer to Premium

Compete with others on Quality, not on price.

In my research to "Compete with others on Quality, not on Price", I bumped into the following article: 3 Ways To Win By Competing On Quality, Not Price (forbes)

"My team was recently working with a software company that we’ve been using for several years. We needed their help with an integration and after about ten emails back and forth, they still only wanted to correspond by email instead of having a short phone call where the problem could have been solved in minutes. This showed us as customers that the company was only interested in providing the bare minimum service needed to get us to the next email instead of actually helping us solve our problem. They failed to address our pain point as customers.

Are you putting people or processes first? Cheap companies put processes before people. Premium companies put people before processes. To be a premium company, find your customer’s pain point and help them solve it as painlessly as possible."

A moment 👏 of clarity 👏 just 👏 happened 👏...
We now have our phone number listed before our quote form! So simple.


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