The Squarespace Hero Document

I'm often contacted by marketing professionals who— knowing of the many benefits of Squarespace— wish to sell the platform to their clients. When one project manager asked for a comparison between WordPress and Squarespace, I presented him with The Squarespace Hero Document.

Use this to sell Squarespace to your boss, your spouse, your clients, your church and your Mom.


Squarespace has been a standalone pioneer in the publishing space since early 2004. Squarespace is first and foremost defined by its mission to completely integrate a number of disparate products in the publishing space and to create a simple environment for all sorts of web publishing. It is a beautiful, streamlined platform that doesn't require upgrades, FTP, plugins, security fixes and is quickly editable. Further, it contains all of the modules you need to create a normal website— blog, image gallery, form builder, discussion forum, and many more— and integrates those components into a coherent whole.

To learn more about Squarespace, I encourage you to:

  1. Glance at the Squarespace tour, which is a great overview of the platform: (there are also some videos so you can see the product without signing up)
  2. If you have a specific question or feature I could answer a question about, I'd be more than happy to help out
  3. Actually try out the product and get a feel for it. This is really critical, as most platforms behave very differently than they say they do. Squarespace pays very close attention to user experience, which is something you just have to try for yourself to understand.

If you're still deciding on Squarespace or WordPress as your CMS, be sure to read Josh Braaten's post over at Big Picture Web, "Squarespace vs WordPress: Both Sides of the Story"

Alan Houser